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This chapter was really unexpected! For me, at least. The fight with Chinjao and Lucy raging on. And then we got some good flashback shit, with Chinjao's awesome Kryuu Kirikugi. We saw the Frozen Continent, a place that have personally been waiting to see for ages. I wonder where it is, in the New World, Grand Lone, Blues or another place altogether. Yeah, Garp's fists are really strong with Armament. With one punch he flattened Chinjao's frigging amazing head. I guess that should be expected from a man that was on the same level as Roger. In some previous chapter, Chinjao asked Luffy what Garp did to him, so I though that he might have actually forgotten. It seemed pretty reasonable because Garp maybe gave him a concussion but I don't think so, because he had a flashback. Anyways, he literally lost his treasure into the Frozen Continent. But there was one thing I didn't understand. Didn't he just open it with his Open Chinjao? Maybe it was just fast- growing ice. Edit: oh sorry my bad, I now understood that he used his head to open and close the "door" at his will. Anyways, it was pretty damn awesome. So Luffy does a Thor Elephant Gun and smashes Chinjao's " harder than anything" head, and actually brings it back to its original state! Amazing. Chinjao breaks the arena and goes under it. Lucy technically wins. All is well. Now we cut to Cavendish and Bartolomeo arguing about who will kill Luffy and Bellamy looks pretty damn scared there. He also needs to fight Luffy but in addition Cavendish, Bartolomeo and Burgess the friggin champion of the BB Pirates. So, yeah.

I'm pretty sure Chin- chan will go down to the factory and such, and maybe it will be flooded or something? Whatever. I'll think about it more later.

Yup, it'll be really cool to see the confrontation between Burgess, Cavendish, Bartolomeo and Luffy. (I'm pretty sure BB is also pretty interested in the Gomu Gomu no Mi, so there might be some intervention over there.)

Anyways, I'd give it a 10/10 because it was pure AWESOME.


I was correct in my cover story prediction