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Chapter 718 review

Totally fast paced! So many things happened in this chapter, and was very much not how I expected it. Anyways, the dwarves said that the history between them and the Doflamingo family is 900 years old. What happened 900 years ago? The twenty kings fomed the WG and the Celestial Dragons were created! That makes it almost sure that Doffy is a CD. Three devil fruits we named in this chapter! Amazing! Those bug fruits look pretty awesome! And the dwarf army! CUUUte! They even have foxes that look like fake Choppa! (I guess that's just what foxes look like).

TSoR is commander of the dwarves! I didn't think they would appear so fast but they did! If I'm correct those wen't all the dwarves but... Go Zoroland and Fraland! Bones land XD.

So yep colloseum is raging on Luffy is pummeling Chinjao with attacks.

Law is being totally creamed by Doflamingo and that's about it.

Oh yeah, Jesus Burgess is awesome.

9.5/10 just because it was really fast paced and sort of not understandable.

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