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One of my favorite chapters in a while I would give it 10/10. First of all, what?! Did Garp literally take away Chinjao's memories? I mean, that sounds kind of extreme for Garp. Because it seems Chinjao doesn't even remember what Garp did to him...

Could it be that Chinjao almost got to the One Piece but Garp and the Roger Pirates stopped him and wiped his memory somehow...? That might explain his grudge for Rayleigh as well... might be leading to something big here.

Anyways, Bastille is back, and he's more badass than ever! Can't wait for the Marines to invade the Colosseum!

Okay, now whatever is happening with the Toys, woah. As many of us guessed(I think) they used to be humans, but the humans got their memories completely erased...? What?! Anyways, they are not allowed to go into each other's houses, so, yeah, I don't really know why. Anyway, Jora might be the DF user that Doffy hired but I don't think so...

Badass fight still going on in Green Bit, and Usoland's Haki made Leo stitch his Grandma to the Shelf! Leo's Granny ftw! Um, so yeah, Doflamingo enslaved the dwarves yadda yadda yadda... Usoland will lead his great army of dwarves to the Dark Factory to free their brethren!!! That is just awesome.

From what I think, Fujitora's gonna make a hole in the Colosseum and show the citizens of Dressrosa what Doflamingo has been hiding from them. The story is getting more and more heated up! Can't wait for next chapter!

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