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Chapter 716 prediction

OK guys, enough waiting, Oda-sama has put me in charge of writing chapter 716, so here it is:

Page 1: Cover Page

Caribou tells his crew the great story of his fight with the big, scary robot.

They all cheer and yell.

Page 2: Corrida Colosseum, C Block

Gatz: Wow, what do we have here! Only seven contestants are left in C Block: Lucy the mysterious warrior, Ideo the Boxer, Jean Ango the Bandit, Don Chinjao and Sai, and the Funk brothers!

Crowd: Go Lucy!

Don Chinjao: I'm coming for you Mugiwaraaaaaa!!!

Page 3:

Gatz: It seems Don Chinjao has a personal grudge against Lucy calling him Mugiwa- what!?

Gatz facefaults

Gatz: Could it be- that Lucy is Mugiwara Luffy?!

Crowd is shocked.

Page 4:

Luffy: Shishishi sorry Franky, I let my identity leak.

Luffy throws off his cape.

Luffy: I am Luffy, and I'm gonna become the pirate king.

Page 5: Colosseum balcony

Cavendish: Not if I get to you first.

Bartolomeo: Hehe. Just you wait, Cavvy.

Cavendish: By the way, what's in that briefcase?

Page 6: ex- Thousand Sunny

Jora: I told you, idiots, capture Momonosuke- zamas!

Trebol Army grunts: Hehe, sorry mistress Jora! One of them hypnotized us!

Brook: Yohoho! That's right! Now, turn us back, which!

Jora: Never! You are very much beautiful this way-zamas!

Page 7:

Nami: Will I be this way forever?!

Momo: Onami, they're trying to capture me. Protect me please!

Nami: Of course Momo-chan!

Brook: That bastard!

Page 8:

Chopper: Why would they want to capture Momo?

Momo: I don't know, Tanuki-san.


Momo: He's scary, Onami.

Page 9:

Momo: Maybe it was because of that...

Brook: What?!

  • flasback*

Momo, Momonosuke and two others are sailing in a boat.

Momo: Kanjuro-san, what is special in this island, Zo?

Page 10:

Kanjuro: I don't know, Momonosuke. Our elders told us to sail here!

Momo; What is that huge ship?

A huge, pink ship with a flamingo on it approaches them.

Page 11:

???: Oh no, it's the Donquixote Pirate's ship, the Pink Rider!

Kanjuro: The Donquixote Pirates!

Kin'emon: Who are they!

Kanjuro: The biggest underworld brokers in this world! They are very dangerous!

Page 12:

???: It seems you have had contact with them in the past, Kanjuro-san.

Kanjuro: Shut up, Ubanto! Keep rowing!

Aboard the Pink Rider

???: Young master, should we destroy them?

Doflamingo: Who are they?

Page 13:

???: Samurai.

Doflamingo: No. Capture them.

???: Yes, young master.

Someone jumps down from the Pink Rider and lands in the Samurai's boat.

Ubanto: AAAHHHH!!!!!

Page 14:

???: Hello, my friends. Please, come quietly.

Kin'emon: NO way! Who the hell are you!

???: Donquixote family assassin, Frizdel. ( the man with the black hat and mask).

Momo: Go away!

Page 15:

Frizdel: What a cute child....

Kanjuro unsheathes his sword.

Kanjuro: Buzz of!

Kanjuro slashes at Frizel, who just shoots him with a revolver in the arm.

Kanjuro drops his sword.

Page 16:

Ubanto: Eghhhh....

Frizdel shoots him in the chest.

Frizdel: Well, two taken care of.

Momo: GO AWAYYYY!!!!

Frizdel backs off.

Frizdel thinking: Conqueror's Haki? I must report this to the Young Master. Such good Haki at a young age?

Page 17:

Frizdel throws Ubanto into the water, and picks up Kanjuro.

Frizdel: Farewell.

Frizdel jumps to the Pink Rider with Kanjuro.

Kin'emon: Kanjurooooo!!!!

Kanjuro: Go! Do not come for meeee!!!!

  • Flasback ends*

Page 18:

Brook: So that's why the bird-man wants you...

Chopper: Oooohh...

  • Flashback*

Doflamingo's mansion.

Frizdel: Young master, the young Samurai, Momonosuke, has eaten Vegapunk's DF.

Doflamingo: He is - a very dangerous weapon! We must capture him...

Page 19:

Frizdel: Yes master, I will tell Jora.

Doflamingo: Excellent.

Frizdel exits the room.

Doflamingo thinking: Very excellent.

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