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First of all- Jola is frigging awesome! Go Cubism Cubism fruit! Haha! Just Kidding! But I like Brook better after he got deformed... Anyways, Jola from the Trebol group, wanted to kidnap Momonosuke. What the Hell is up with that?  Maybe because Momo has got Vegapunk's artificial DF, or because they want Samurai for some reason? I have no idea.

The scene goes to Corrida Colloseum, where Luffy is kicking ass and riding the "Brutal bull!" Ushi, or Ucy! It could be that the Fighting bull is a SMILE, or maybe even Ryokyugu himself! (Probably not, because until now all the Admirals had Logia. But Sengoku was an Admiral, and he had Logia, and also because he got beaten easily by Hajrudin.) There's this Elbaf giant, Hajrudin, who's totally arrogant, and he wants to be the first giant with a Logia fruit. His punch is as strong as a thunderbolt, but as usual, Luffy beats him up. Aaaaaahhhh, Luf... I mean Lucy.

Anyways, Cavendish and Barty are talking about how they both want to beat up Luffy. Cavendish says he is gonna beat him up, but then Barty says, in his epic deep and gruff voice. "Hehahahaha. My roots go deeper with him though."

Ricky is Rebecca's dad?! WTF is going on here! Ricky (Kyros maybe?) told Rebecca that he was sorry that he didn't win the round. Now it is time for Becky to beat up Cavendish in Block D ( I'm guessing that will be the final battle) and go battle Doffy's men.

Final part: Doffy wants to assassinate Luffy. I don't know what's going on here, but I'm guessing he really doesn't want Luffy to win the Mera Mera no Mi. I don't know why even made the tournament if he doesn't want a competitor to win, but, could it be that the DP are working with the BBP? Maybe Doffy is rigging the tournament to give the fruit to Burgess. I have nada ideas.

Anyways, if Bellamy-chan will successfully assassinate Luffy, he will become a family leader. I guess that means he will occupy the Heart seat that previously belonged to Law!

Why does Doffy like Bellamy so much? Maybe he sees potential in him? I don't think so. It could be that DD and Bellamy are both World Nobles?  Anyways, epic chapter and I give it 4.5/5.