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Usopp is really-screwed. His lies have caught up to him. He told those little dwarves that he was a descendent of Montblanc Noland and that he was a great hero like him. Anyways, Ussop said he had Haki that was shaking the kingdom. That got me thinking: Does Ussop have Haki? Do other members of the Straw Hat crew have Haki except Sanji, Zoro and Luffy?

Finally we see what Kinemon is up to! We haven't seen him for 8 chapters! He told Sanji that Kanjuuro is at the Toy House, whatever that is.

Luffy, as usual, is kicking butt in the colloseum.

Sanji couldn't contact Nami on the Sunny. Who was that mysterious visitor and what did he do to them there? It was interesting to hear Franky say that Nami's not weak. I really want to see the full power of the crew after the timeskip, and especially Nami's upgraded Clima-tact.

Here's the explanation for why Fujitora wasn't in Marineford. He got chosen to be an Admiral, along with Green Bull, Midorioushi perhaps? In the World Military Draft. It could be that they were both Warriors in some country.

FUJITORA IS FRICKING POWERFUL. He used his Gravity Abilities to pull a meteorite out of the sky and demolish the whole battle arena, leaving only places for each of them to stand. Even Doflamingo was apalled at the extent of his power. And Fujitora said that he was just warming up! Aaaaaah!!!!! If an Admiral is so strong, think how strong the Fleet Admiral is!!!!!

Also, because I didn't write a blog about last chapter, I just want to note that Doflamingo might have bonds with the Gorosei. He could be one of the Gorosei's sons. I've heard many people saying he's the blonde Gorosei's son but they look about the same age, so I don't think that could be.

Anybody else see a resemblance between Doflamingo and the Eyepatch girl in his crew? Maybe he's her father!