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So basically, I'm doing a review and prediction of Caribou's cover story.

In this cover story we really learned more about Caribou's personality and how he doesn't even care about his friends. It seems that Jinbe is tremendously more powerful than Caribou, knocking him out with one punch. I didn't get how he could trap him inside a barrel though. It was cool to se Commodore Yarisugi and his armor. Coribou comes to save him and Caribou just ditches him. Caribou is really a slime. Anyways, he comes to this island and it's actually pretty cool. There is a secret weapons factory and commander Gaburu is a look-alike of Caribou. It's pretty cool to see some regular people going against the Yonko. It would be really cool if in the future the SHs came to this island and teamed up with Caribou and Gaburu if he is alive and beat the shit out of Kaido. Then Scotch comes and beats up Gaburu's grandma.

It really surprised me that Coribou and Caribou made up so quickly after Caribou ditched them. I was wondering if Coribou beat Yarisugi or if he just ran away. If he did beat him, it tells us some more of the power scales in One Piece world.

It seems the Kaido Crew has sort of a Wizard of Oz theme(Tin Man, Lion, and Scarecrow).

Um, a quick prediction, Caribou and Coribou will try to fight Scotch but they fail. Gaburu comes to save the day and his grandmother. Together, they beat Scotch. The revolutionaries are angry at Caribou for lying to them.Gaburu offers Caribou, Coribou and their men a position in the army and they join it.

Probably not gonna happen, a very optimistic prediction.