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This chapter was just plain random, like Oda's playing a joke on us. WHAT IS THIS, GINTAMA!!!!!!!???????? No really, I mean, this manliness just went overboard. Franky is romantic ( as in pirate's romanticism) but he's also romantic, as in FRANQUEENSHIPPING FOREVERZ LOL! (squealziez)

Franky vs. Senor Pink

Zoro vs. Pica

Sabo vs. Fujitora

Are the three battles that anyone cares about but they have not been happening! 'Next chapter' I say, 'Next chapter' providing myself with false hope that the battles will finally happen. But then only Dwarves, FranQueenshipping and Manliness occur. Oh, and climbing on badly drawn ropes ( I speak from experience). I was happy that Kanjuro was introduced, because I've been waiting for nearly 54 chapters dammit! But Queen ( Who the hell is she, is she with Kaido or Doffy) and Mansherry having a secret power and all that shit is happening. I seriously think Oda is trying to beat his record on longest arc ever, or most chapters gone without serious battles, or flashback most postponed, or  most One Piece fans whose names start with H and end with 0  annoyed. I could go on and on.

When I read this chapter, I laughed, I cried, I got shouted on that One Piece is gay and many more things, like a Naruto fan yelling at me to stop telling him that Obito should have died 100 chapters ago. It was fun, but it was over in 2 minutes. So now I ask you, fellow wikians,  was this chapter really worth anything, or is Oda just f**king with us?