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Just watched the episode, it was really epic. Anyone here watch Hunter x Hunter? Luffy's a total Phinks ripoff with his arm swinging thing. Overall, great episode, I've wanted to see this in the anime ever since the chapter came out, with Law's epic speech of the gears being broken. I'm not sure if it was in the manga, but I liked it when they showed an actual gear being sliced in half, and then cut to SAD. Um, the Usopp scene was pretty funny, with him like: How does this always happen to me!!!??? That is totally true. Even though he could probably beat all those grunts, but whatever. Next week: The strongest grizzly magnum! Oh yeah!

I don't know, but I thought Smoker was a bit too crazy in the anime. In the manga he seemed more calm, even though he was angry. But here he was yelling and doing Luffy's Marineford a.k.a "GUAAAHHHH GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY PUNY ADMIRALS!!!!!" Face and flailing around and stuff. Vergo was pretty damn epic with his purple abs. That's about it.