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Apologies if this has been done already, just something that's really bothered me lately. What are your thoughts on the animation of One Piece? I often hear complaints like the "animation was shitty", or such & such wasn't "depicted well", or characters/events being "drawn poorly". Its not just OnePiece by the way, I hear these complaints for almost ANYTHING with an anime adaptation (Naruto, Bleach, etc.). 

I've only recently gotten into reading the actual manga fairly recently, because generally if I've fallen behind on a show like this, I prefer to catch up by watching the actual episodes. I got into reading the manga more because i fully caught up on episodes, and thus got antsy about what was currently going on. Now I absolutely love it, especially making comparisons with how certain things are depicted in manga vs. anime. But overall, my question is exactly what it is that bothers people so deeply about animation. I for one LOVE being able to actually hear the sounds, the voices, and see the LIVE action of the series. The animation allows me to actually FEEL the intended emotions of the stories, be it the sadness, the comedy, or whatever. I appreciate that life is being given to pages, and it makes me feel more in tune with the story. Not I don't still get my laughs out of the manga, but to me it just isn't the same experience. 

Now I can gladly admit that the anime isn't perfect. Translation issues for the kiddies, leaving things out because of the kiddies, the actual quality of the anime (early OP episodes vs Current). But I think for what it is and does for the series, its a great way to see the story of One Piece unfold. Thoughts?