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Now that we know a trip to Wano is bound to happen at some point in the near future (next 1-3 arcs), the role that Drake will be playing is really starting to pique my curiosity. Next to Luffy and the Straw Hats, he's about as atypical as a pirate can be. He seems to have a rather strong sense of justice, and even more interesting, seems to care about the lives of his Supernova peers. He more than once tried to get them out of trouble on Sabaody; you can claim Urouge vs. Killer was all about not drawing attention, but him trying to take on Kizaru was definitely about saving their lives and buying more time for everyone. Furthermore, he left the Marines due to sensing moral corruption, not JUST to become a pirate. While Capone now seems to just be a Yes-Man kissing Big Mom's ass, Drake appears to be more likely as the one with a hidden agenda behind his actions. For someone who left the Marines because they weren't pursuing justice the way he thought they should, it seems ass backwards for him to join up with Kaido of all people. Someone like Shanks would have made much more sense, if he's just trying to ally with a Yonko to get him to where he's trying to go. So the only things that make sense to me at this point, is either Kaido has something that he REALLY wants, Kaido severely wronged him in the past and he's infiltrating his organization to get revenge, or we had it all wrong and he was never that good of a guy to begin with. 

The reason I pose this question, is because at this point a clash with either Luffy or Law seems inevitable. They don't seem to have any personal beef with each other, and we know now that Drake indirectly saved Law's life when he was a kid, but now they are standing on opposite sides of the battlefield, and SOMETHING has to happen. Sure Luffy defeated the man that killed his father, but it isn't like he really cared for his dad like that. No direct interaction between him and Luffy has ever happened. Law on the other hand tried to egg him on at Sabaody, and I doubt that Law was aware that his presence on Minion Island is the reason he escaped Doffy. So how do you guys see this potentially playing out? I still want to believe that Drake is a good guy, and when it really comes down to it, he's actually going to help the SH-Heart Alliance take Kaido down, but as we know in One Piece, anything can happen.