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As the name implies, want to hear your thoughts on all three. I'm relatively new to reading the manga, so I kinda just realized that those are actual canon events that Oda does in the cover story. Or at least so I think. Apparently the Straw Hat Separation Trials were cover stories, but I was purely an anime watcher for a while so I thought they were just part of the series. Anywho, now that we're also getting somewhat close to an ending of this arc, I want to see if you guys have any predictions for fights that will happen. 

Chapter: Actually liked it overall quite a lot, my only complaints would be the minimal face-time of the Franky/Pink, Zoro/Pica, Sabo/Issho bouts. Fave moments would prob be the irony of Luffy ACTUALLY making a secret passage, and what the 3rd suplex Franky just got hit with? Franky needs to watch some WWE. Aside from that, another hiatus? Really? 

Cover Story: Other people have been predicting it, and I can't help but agree that Jinbei's journey is gonna involve Big Mom and the rest of the crew. I just hope we get to learn more, we're seriously getting kept in the dark on the Yonkou. 

Matchups: Dellinger vs. Blue Gilly, Ideo vs. Gladius, Orlumbus/Elizabello vs. Machvise. All i got for now, being halfway serious.