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Whats that? You finally thought the Luffy-Mingo fight would continue without delays? Shame on you! It seems Doffy's executives don't believe in 1-on-1 fights, since they're so used to jumping in to protect little ol' Doffy whenever he gets in trouble. So we get another Luffy-Mingo scuffle, this time with some actual hits exchanged. It would seem Luffy actually got the upper hand this time though, and it appears this is gonna be a great fight. 

We get a little more backstory on Doffy, and see how his band of misfits came together, what the Ito Ito No Mi looked like, and the signature flintlock. Here's where I'm hoping I didn't catch a translation fail: when the flashback resumes, it appears as if Doffy's told the 4 of them people in Mariejois cut off his father's head.....Weren't they all there when Doffy shot Homing? Didn't Doffy say he brought Homing's head back to Mariejois himself? 

Meanwhile, Law's still being his typical not dead self, and he DOES NOT approve of Luffy leading the Heart Pirates. Also seems he was unaware that Luffy had Haoshoku Haki. Apparently he used some kind of Takt to perform a triple bypass on Trebol with his amputated arm, and we get to see just how decrepit and old Trebol is. With that however, we get another example of Buso Haki not fully doing the trick against a Logia (Sakazuki). Not sure what that's all about, so I'd definitely love some clarification. 

Finally, we get Trebol trying to pull the classic Vegeta-Goku-Chaotzu-Saibaman self-destruct on Law, and we're left to wonder what's happened. I think we can be sure now Law's not gonna die, I mean after all the asspull survivals a point-blank explosion killing him? C'mon. I give the chapter a 10/10 honestly. Had a really good balance of action, backstory, and plot progression. Favorite part had to be the irony of Mingo's "You Fool" to Trebol, when not too long ago Trebol was telling his ass the exact same thing before Law impaled him. 

If Trebol's down for the count after this, do you guys still see Sabo being involved in this fight? And just what do you think people got so uneasy about in the town where Riku is? The main fight is elsewhere....