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This is more geared toward frequent viewers of the anime. OnePiece has always been more of a unique anime in my eyes in that it often gives characters very distinct laughs. Protaganists and villains alike usually get a unique laugh, and it seems that more often than not Oda tries to frame them around the pronunciation of a devil fruit. Not that he doesnt do this in the manga too, but to me it doesn't have the same effect as actually hearing it with the english or japanese voice actors. What have been your favorite unique laughs of the series? Most annoying/hated? 

Fave: Brook's "Yohoho" - Seems like the "classic" pirate laugh, i guess not a coincidence since Brook is one of the oldest pirates introduced in the series. Nothing that really stands out about it being a unique, but the enthusiasm Brook puts into his laugh when he's laughing at his own lame dead/bones jokes just gets me every time lol.

Least: Caesar Clown "???" - No clue what the fuck that sound is, it sounds like he's just saying "Shililew" a bunch of times or some shit lol. Annoys the hell out of me, but I just can't NOT laugh too everytime I hear it. 

This will probably be a while from now, but if someone manages to get a laugh out of Pica during this current arc then I'm sure I'm going to enjoy that quite a bit as well. Thoughts?