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So the other day I bought my first One Piece figure. A good Luffy figuarts New World figure, bought from an apparently trustable seller corresponding to everything (Toei Sticker etc.)

So yesterday this arrived in my mail:

The package I was given was obviously not what I had bought and thankfully ebay allows me to get a refund. But I was just thinking how ugly some bootlegs can get.

Roronoa Zuro


Portgas D. Ace like we always remembered him


Lego One Piece:

I'm going to become the king of bootlegs!

Jen Bert

However this should not be taken lightly. You can be arrested for this kind of stuff. This is the first time I've ever heard of a "One Piece trafficant":





The worst issue is that many bootlegs are hard to identify and even then you can be tricked like I was. It's quite hard and honestly frustrating that such things exist

The 3 Rules of Bootlegging:

  1. Check online how to indentify a bootleg. For example all One Piece figures feature a Toei sticker.
  2. NEVER BUY FROM CHINA. EVER. I’m not trying to be racist or anything (I’m somebody who hates racism) but most buyers there never try to be fair.
  3. Look for realistic prices. If it’s cheap it’s most probably a bootleg. Things cost, that’s what happens with figures. High quality comes to a high price.

Hopefully this can help you avoid getting bootlegged. It’s very disappointing to open your package box to recieve such abomination and feel like this. Good luck with figure collecting! ^^

Check the wiki's Merchanidse FAQ to avoid getting bootlegged!