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First of all let me comment on the adorable cover page, especially with the fireflies going to eat the cake. It would be cool if at the end of the series we see a cover page of them getting married and while they say "Do you accept Mansherry as your bride?" Leo says "Princess, you've gotten really fat!"

Anyways it's interesting to see how Sabo can best so easly the strongest guy in a Yonko's crew (he's supposed to be the strongest after Blackbeard right?) which means Sabo is really strong although I don't think as strong as Luffy, I don't know if he could have taken down Doffy himself.

So is that knife the key to extracting devil fruits? Or was he just going to stab Sabo with Busoshoku haki? Also it's interesting to see what happened with Sabo during the Paramount War, I think we'll see more in the episode of Sabo. And is Sabo going to say goodbye to Luffy? I imagine he's just gonna ignore Koala and bid him farewell. And there's a guy with a straw hat in the underground port which is probably just another of those wierd revolutionary fashions.

Also seems Trébol's actually alive. Although apparently the name has been changed to Trebol on the wiki? Why exactly?

It's really beautiful to see the people insist for wanting a peaceful country rather than a powerful one, makes me sad that almost nobody is like this in real life... but again after a terror like that who wants to hear about violence?

Finally I love how Issho is sneakly bringing along his plan... The tragedy of Dressrosa is his perfect key to bring down the Shichibukai. Considering Law will also be stripped from the title his plan is going swiftly, especially after this events it will be hard to trust the Shichibukai. Him apologizing represents that the World Government is faulty for giving the Shichibukai such power.

Buggy will unavoidibly have to move to Yonko.

And thankfully they actually credited Luffy and Law, even though there's no way those news wouldn't have made it out of the island with all the people there.

One last thing, what the hell is that thing in the one before last panel? An apple shaped island???

In the end it's interesting to see again a callback to Ace's internal conflict during Paramount and the Admiral Kneeling clearly leaves a huge impact on everybody.

The tracks I reccomend for this episode are:

For Sabo's part: Rescue Ace

For Riku's part: The new animal king

For Fujitora's part: Justice

And no I did not choose them just because the names, it's because they evoke such scenes