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Holy shit, that was amazing O.O

I should have definetely thought of Giant Kong Gun, Oda always manages to surprise me. I can imagine the main public response to this being:

And I hope Bartolomeo doesn't see this or he's gonna suffer big dangerous brain traumas XD

As for the chapter itself I really liked the color cover, such a nice variety of colors. I just knew that Doffy had one more trick up his sleeve and it's interesting to see how much Gear 4th takes a beating on Luffy, even after recovering he has a hard time using it.

{Insert random bitchy comment about [name:Rebecca] here}

I would love to see how many 16 year olds would behave arround Doflamingo, and if they had the balls to actually try to stand up to him.

Ever white looks absolutely amazing and also Jeet and Abdullah, where the fuck were they all this time? XD                 I really liked the Rayleigh flashback "Something very taxing to your body though", I hope that's not in the long run though like Gear Second. The colisseum looked amazing but I guess not anymore.

I love the speech Luffy gives before smashing Doflamingo and it's interesting that Mingo still has the whole idea of being superior as a World Noble.

And that final panel man... Jesus. And Mingo's glasses break! FINALLY! I once made this using the eye we got during the flashback so expect something like this:

Overall I loved this chapter, although it was mostly only action, that's exactly what it needed to be, as a satisfying end to one of my favorite (I could honestly say this about all of them) arcs in One Piece. And there was some deep messages in this chapter too, although seemingly not any new ones.

Also One Piece entered the world guiness records for best-selling comic book series of all time! Hurray!

And next week Shonen Jump says there will be a "super special announcement" for One Piece. What do you think it is?

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Also for next chapter I can imagine an eye-free Doffy on the ground that looks up and see Law with a gun pointed at him. BANG!