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Hi there, today we are going to discuss about S C B F A, that's right:

Its about a statistic graph that shows the popularity of Blogs, Chat and Forums that as an Active user,i decided to make and i think that is 100% True, comparing my time stayed here.In my opinion this should take place every year for a better analyze of users choice in this Wiki that even may help the community, by advising or telling them the best way of communicating with Blogs,Chat,Forums.

The first statistic Graph shows the high popularity of Blogs, that users create or produce, which is perfect,i even recommend using them way more, for a better opinion sharing. Forums could be used a little more but is still nice.

Next, we have the Pie statistic graphs which show for what reasons Blogs,Chat and Forums are used the most:

Blog Statistic Pie :

As you can see, Chapter reviews are used the most which is quiet normal for the reason that bring great entertainment for the community,and are a great way of describing. Pic illustrations make it even better.

Next we have: Chat Statistic Pie:

In this case we have a more complicated statistic pie, Chat is a fascinating feature for the users here, they have more fun communicating with each other,which is Ok but as i said, talking about something is hard due to the high amount of users, for that reason i prefer Blogs.

And the last: Forum Statistic Pie:

Forums are used mostly for Site problems or errors,okay but sometimes for example AWC's add/create there topics that are probably worth discussing with blogs. I agree, there need to be added more topics,because users don't use it that much.

Finally: This is a great SUCCESS to our Wiki and we should keep this Tempo up and again i repeat we should use more blogs because its the best way sharing thoughts, create more for a better Wiki.

Good Luck.