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    Hey everyone!

    As we're all aware,there's quite a debate going on all over social media among fans regarding Sanji's sudden disappearance. Now, the reason why this whole altercation is heated and is slightly more contraversial than other discussions is the character's(Sanji's) background story being shrouded in mystery,meaning that his past is not very well understood. Yes,we know he was part of the Baratie crew but what happened earlier in his childhood before that, we simply do not know...yet.

    That's why I decided to share my own thoughts on the matter.

    Here's my Hype-othesis. (pun intended)

    When he reunited with his crew after a 3 year "break", Sanji just wasn't the same,grew his hair and all that.Being in the same ship with a reindeer, a cyb…

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  • Groughaluragran

    Untold OP Story One

    October 19, 2013 by Groughaluragran

    ~ Night

    • Full moon's reflection is visible in the vast sea*
    • Thousand Sunny sailing calmly*

    ~ Upper Deck

    • Luffy's all by himself, lost in his own thoughts,just stares at the waves,how unusal..*
    • Nami goes near Luffy*
    • Taps Shoulder*

    Nami:Hey Luffy... It's getting way too late, you should get some sleep.

    Luffy: ... You know..sometimes just a mere thought of arriving to a new island isn't enough, you have to see it for yourself, with your own eyes, to experience the excitment, only then..

    Nami:The sea is truly endless, its as if we're heading on a never ending journey,usually at a time like this you wonder if you'll be able to make it to a certain destiny forechosen land or wander forever directionlessly into the abyss.

    Luffy:It's light what keeps pushing u…

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    Hello, and thank you for reading this blog....(Go on)

    So, i was slowly getting obsessed with TSR (Thunderous Soldier of Rage) the one legged toy, so i took the initiative and created a FULL 3D MODEL OUT OF HIM. It took me a lot of time, but it was totally worth it.

    So, here's a quick overview that focuses on the process of modeling i did:

    1. At first i had to create the shapes and the forms of his body:

    2. The second step was adding color materials for the design:

    3. And Details..XD: http:…

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    Best Game Ever

    March 17, 2012 by Groughaluragran

    Ok, lets have a litle game:

    Rules: The last comment that has an One Piece character included Wins this:

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    February 18, 2012 by Groughaluragran

    Hi there, today we are going to discuss about S C B F A, that's right:

    Its about a statistic graph that shows the popularity of Blogs, Chat and Forums that as an Active user,i decided to make and i think that is 100% True, comparing my time stayed here.In my opinion this should take place every year for a better analyze of users choice in this Wiki that even may help the community, by advising or telling them the best way of communicating with Blogs,Chat,Forums.

    The first statistic Graph shows the high popularity of Blogs, that users create or produce, which is perfect,i even recommend using them way more, for a better opinion sharing. Forums could be used a little more but is still nice.


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