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Better to have low expectations and be surprised rather than having high expectations and be disappointed.
— AoD on expectations

What a wonderful quote! Like, yeah! I'm f*cking serious. AoD made my day with this quote.

This best applies to my professors in college who have very high expectations like "You have learned this in high school! There's no need to study that!" Well, college is filled with excitement and challenges because of the people who are around you. Well, I need to cut this crap out and I'll go to the main topic of this blog post!

I'm sorry that I haven't uploaded good quality images in a while.

  • The last time I have uploaded a good quality image was when Episode 685 was aired.
  • I was supposed to take some guy's advice to go to torrent. I can't because the PC I usually use in watching the anime crashed and I cannot use it until I go somewhere like the mall to repair it.
    • I am now forced to use my old laptop and since this computer is so freaking slow, I am forced to watch anime from my smartphone.
    • With my computer (the one that crashed), I used to upload images that are 1280x720px, but because I'm forced to view this from a smartphone, it shrinks to just 960x540px. Please look at the file history of Episode 688.png for example. Asura and Calu have to upload those images again.
  • The torrent I was supposed to get is 1080px and I'm expecting of Gal-quality images with that resolution.

I'm also sorry that I haven't done a lot yet in the Grammar Crew.

  • Same reason as mentioned above, my computer crashed. With this old computer, sometimes moving from one tab to another goes to a lag that lasts for ten to fifteen seconds. So I cannot do a lot of stuff.

I really need to have my PC fixed and I can do my jobs I'm supposed to do. I hope on Sunday I can go repair it. So that's it... and sorry (1 million times) guys.


(No, seriously. It's the real thing.)