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Maybe it's just here in my computer at home, but am I the only one here who notices all the text we read are in bold? I tried to open pages in this wiki in Google Chrome and IE, both browsers released the same results. Yes, they are in BOLD. This may not be a major concern in this wiki since it has nothing to do with OP, but how would this affect the wiki?

Prior to the updates in these two browsers (IE did it first, and haven't checked Mozilla yet since I don't have it here), some of us stress out important terms by placing a bold typeface on them. For example, names, epithets and everything that requires special recognition is in bold, while the rest of the article is in regular text. But it all changed when Chrome has started to use bold typeface in the Latin text.

It is okay and just like OK, Chrome updated again but the change of style has removed the borderline between the regular text of the article and the emphasized proper names of people, objects and attacks; especially those who loved making their text bold in our blog posts when we want to emphasize something. Now when we want to put a stress on it, we will be forced to use italic text or anything else.

Oh, the Japanese text and some characters with accents for example, Nami's epithet "Cat Burglar" (泥棒猫 Dorobō Neko?) has the Kanji and the "o" with that accent not converted into bold, unless one selects the text and convert it into bold as well. It makes these parts look awkward when compared to the rest of the article, given that the Kanji uses a different typeface.