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  • I live in Turkey (according to my IP address)
  • I was born on November 9
  • My occupation is Chapulling
  • I am a snek.
  • Gourd Roger

    What a wonderful quote! Like, yeah! I'm f*cking serious. AoD made my day with this quote.

    This best applies to my professors in college who have very high expectations like "You have learned this in high school! There's no need to study that!" Well, college is filled with excitement and challenges because of the people who are around you. Well, I need to cut this crap out and I'll go to the main topic of this blog post!

    • The last time I have uploaded a good quality image was when Episode 685 was aired.
    • I was supposed to take some guy's advice to go to torrent. I can't because the PC I usually use in watching the anime crashed and I cannot use it until I go somewhere like the mall to repair it.
      • I am now forced to use my old laptop and since this …

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  • Gourd Roger

    Hey, guys! I have been back with another blog post in a while, after around half a year! Wow. So for those of you who are lucky enough to watch yesterday's (Manila time) anime episode, we (I saw it through Youtube) saw how Pica's voice is so... WHADDAFACKK?!!!!!! Is that really Yuji Mitsuya? I looked him up, and he sounds incredibly different than that of his actual voice in one of his voice coaching lessons.

    Okay, let's get over it. Now for the true main topic of this blog post, there is an upcoming tokusatsu for another anime/manga series (Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin) and it sounds interesting. What if this "rare" opportunity happens on One Piece? For those people who have no idea of what "tokusatsu" means, these are the live-actio…

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  • Gourd Roger

    About that browser update

    September 12, 2014 by Gourd Roger

    Maybe it's just here in my computer at home, but am I the only one here who notices all the text we read are in bold? I tried to open pages in this wiki in Google Chrome and IE, both browsers released the same results. Yes, they are in BOLD. This may not be a major concern in this wiki since it has nothing to do with OP, but how would this affect the wiki?

    Prior to the updates in these two browsers (IE did it first, and haven't checked Mozilla yet since I don't have it here), some of us stress out important terms by placing a bold typeface on them. For example, names, epithets and everything that requires special recognition is in bold, while the rest of the article is in regular text. But it all changed when Chrome has started to use bold …

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  • Gourd Roger

    Gourd Roger’s here again to make another crazy blog post in an area with a very unstable Internet connection (a place I rather call school). This post is (again) about the Dressrosa Arc, running for 58 manga chapters (700-757) as of this very day I pressed the post button and the only arc that I read in the manga with everything else rather watched in the anime. Do you know that in just 8, yes, EIGHT chapters more and this arc will take over Skypiea’s position as the longest arc EVER in the series?

    As of this 757th chapter, there is still no Luffy vs. Doffy yet. Luffy is still ON HIS WAY to the royal palace to defeat Doffy, and freeing Law from the handcuffs finally happened which is a small sigh of relief, especially it happened after mont…

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  • Gourd Roger

    The 50th chapter of the Dressrosa Arc will come again after a couple of weeks so I think this is the "perfect" time to react and give possible predictions to the whole arc and the succeeding arcs. (Woah, what a long arc!)

    When I was reading about the Shichibukai, I always think of Doffy as the most influential and most powerful of them since he has a very large corporate empire in the Underworld, linking him to several organizations, and one of his customers is one of the Yonko, this shady guy named Kaido. The only things we know about this Kaido is he is the leader of a 500-man Zoan devil fruit army, the "strongest creature" according to Law, the guy who eliminated Gekko Moriah's crew and the subject of the Luffy-Law alliance since he is t…

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