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I was just looking through some blogs and on one of them, I saw a comment about how a some people believe the Straw Hat Luffy wears IS One Piece. At first I thought it was very plausable but when I thought about it in more depth I saw some major flaws in this theory:

  1. In the flashback we saw from Rayleigh it shows a young Roger with the straw hat on, inviting Rayleigh to join his crew. This was before Roger had found One Piece so the hat cannot possibly be One Piece.
  2. If this is still not enough evidence that One Piece is not the hat, then go back to the first few episodes, where in the opening, Gol D. Roger is making his speech. He clearly says that he lrft the treasure at that place (Raftel). It's not possible for the hat to be the treasure if he left it the treasure at Raftel because the hat is in Luffys possesion right now.

But then again this is just a theory of mine so it could very well be that the hat is the treasure.

sorry if there are any mistakes in this because English is not my first language . Google translate FTW!! =]