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title says everything. my guess is:

luffy: gomu gomu no red hawk rifle - seems to fit the most because its similar to gomu gomu no bullet, which is the basis for red hawk.

zoro: santoryu 1080 pound hou - seeing 360 pound hou, he might have a 10 times stronger version of 108 pound to.

nami: lightning egg: lightning hedgehog tempo - an improved vrsion of lightning lance, nami launches a lightning egg toward the opponent, which instad of turning to a thundercloud, launches lightning lances to every direction, making it look like a hedgehog.

usopp: pop green: swamp trap - a pop green that makes the ground to swamp which traps enemies.

sanji: ????? no ideo no matter how much i think

chopper: ground destroy - chopper uses horn point to go underground, then he uses guard point to make the grond break, because he's to big for the tunnel wich launches enemies to the air.

robin: gignatesto mano: sweep - robin summons 4 giant hand which all do a sweeping motion to clear enemies arond her. great range.

franky: franky shogun: gaun missle - not long ago, it was revealed that franky shogun can do gaun cannon. maybe he could launch its hands as a projectile propeled by the gaun cannon/

brook: ????? '-.-