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What does it take to be a straw hat?

Ok, first of all, this is NOT a he\she should join so don't start any disscusion about it in the comments. I want to try and find a common thing about all the strawhats and make a table so when a new character is intruduced we could quickly get them into the table and see if  they're fit. Here's my attempt:

1. Hostility  a character that is COMPLETLY hostile to the strawhats should not be considered a future crewmate. An exeption is Robin, but she gave them the enternal pose to arabasta, thus been helping them within 2 chapter after her introdotion as a enemy.
2. Abillity

The character should have an above average strenght.

3. Ambition The character should have a dream or a goal.
4. Intrest For them to join, Luffy should be at least mildly interested in.

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