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    New characters.

    October 26, 2013 by God of nothing

    Ok, in this blog, there will be a competition. People will write a description for a character, a pirate, marine, or whatever they want, that CAN fit into the world of one piece. That means no admirals or yonko. For a character to be acceptable, those parameters need to be in:

    1. Appearance

    2. Personality

    3. Powers and abillities

    4. Occupation (Pirate Captain, Marine vice admiral, ect)

    5. Story (How are they introduced, connection to the Straw hats, ect.)

    those charaters will be voted for by writing this sentence in a comment:

    "I approve of this character". Anything else will NOT affect the votes. The characters with the most approvals will win.

    Here's my exmaple for a character.

    Name: Zeus (Not real name)


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  • God of nothing

    Okay, since the blog was kinda dead lately, i thought of an interesting game. People post shortened chapter predictions of the next chapter in the comments, and anyone who wants is free to continue that story, making a chain of prediction.

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  • God of nothing

    Ok, first of all, this is NOT a he\she should join so don't start any disscusion about it in the comments. I want to try and find a common thing about all the strawhats and make a table so when a new character is intruduced we could quickly get them into the table and see if  they're fit. Here's my attempt:

    1. Hostility  a character that is COMPLETLY hostile to the strawhats should not be considered a future crewmate. An exeption is Robin, but she gave them the enternal pose to arabasta, thus been helping them within 2 chapter after her introdotion as a enemy.
    2. Abillity

    The character should have an above average strenght.

    3. Ambition The character should have a dream or a goal.
    4. Intrest For them to join, Luffy should be at least mildly inter…

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  • God of nothing

    Ok, straight to the point: we all know that someone can wield to devil fruits at once (I KNOW it may be only Kurohige, shut up already), but I didn't come to talk about the users now, but about the fruits. What fruits do you think would work togather? And I don't want crap like Gomu Gomu no Mi and Zou Zou no Mi, fruits that using them together won't make either stronger, but fruits that really strenghten each other.

    My thoughts: I think that thinking is your job in this blog, not mine.

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  • God of nothing

    well, the name says everything. Here's my idea:

    Two years after the war in marineford, blackbeard has mastered his new power to a greater extent, using the power of the gura gura no mi in a much more unfocused and destructive manner. For example, pulling in the enemy to his hand using the power of the yami yami no mi, blackbeard grabs his enemy and smashes them to the ground. Unsatisfied, blackbeard activites the power of the gura gura no mi blank range. Then he does that again, and again, and again, and again(OP'nes intended), until the quakes turn the enemy into a bloody pulp

    whats your ideas?

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