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No one can deny that one piece and naruto are the best anime in the world and many people argue about which is better.Here i am going to write why i love both of them and i want someone to tell me which is better because i do not know myself.


The best thing about onepiece is that there are many things left to happen and its one of them is more interesting. For example all of us want to know what will happen with Dragon, with Coby, with the yonku, with Zoro and Mihawk, with Shanks and many others.

An other thing that makes onepiece great is the variety of characters tha appear in the episodes. Every one of the one piece main characters (with main i mean the protagonistics, the antagonistics and the people the Straw hats meet along their journey) has its own past, its own believes and its own reasons for what they do.


Unlike one piece, in naruto there are not so much characters but there is something else that make it so good. All the characters their own past, believes and reasons for what they do like one piece, but sometimes these believes of one character can oppose the believes of somoenoe else. The strange thing is that you can decide who is right and who is wrong just because both of them are right! Giotis 13:22, August 21, 2010 (UTC)