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Well, we finally start off with Big Mom's flashback on Elbaf. We find out that Linlin is a normal human who was born with gigantism and was abandoned by her parents at the age of 5.

Next, we're introduced to smoking hot nun, Mother Caramel who goes onto save some giants from an execution. Linlin enters Caramel's House For Peculiar Children where she comes across kids from all races who were orphaned including some prince. It also feels so good to see Elbaf and the populace. It's kinda cute and amusing to see Linlin kill a bear with one hit or see her attempt to remove a merboy's fin because she thought it was a birth defect. Also, kid Harujidan is cute too.

Finally, we learn about the Winter Solstice and how the Giants are suppose to fast for 12 days. This fast causes Linlin to get addicted to Slema and has her first food rampage. She is then viewed as a demon child by Elbaf.

I like this chapter as an opening for Big Mom's flashback. Here's hoping we see other characters interact with Linlin as well as see what happens to Caramel.

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