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We got an early release today and it looks like that there will be no break next week!

Throughout this chapter, we got the plan to take down Big Mom explained to us.  Unfortunately, like all plans that are explained to us too early, this plan is destined to fail or be altered in an unexpected way.  So, here's the deal:

Caes, I mean Gastino, has three poisonous rocket launchers which can be used to kill Big Mom if only two conditions are met: 1) No one could interfere with the assassination attempt and 2) Big Mom is weakened from her trigger point involving a special photo. 

The photo is a picture of a woman only known as Mother Caramel who Big Mom looks at across the table during various occasions.  Could Mother Caramel be Big Mom's mother?  Her friend?  Maybe that Big Mom's real form and we're gonna base the picture off of Dorian Gray or a horcrux of Voldemort.  One day, a servant damaged the photo a little bit causing Big Mom to go into a hissy fit and unleash her Conqueror's Haki on a crowd, so at least we have the confirmation that Big Mom has CoC.  Bege explains that Big Mom is pretty much undamagable, but, during her meltdown that one time, she scrapped her knees.  There's a 3-5 seconds gap between the destruction of Mother Caramel's picture and Big Mom using her CoC, so during that time, the three poison RPGs will be launched. 

Finally in the plan, Luffy is assigned to be a decoy to which he gladly accepts much to the annoyance of the Straw Hats.  As soon as Pudding fires her gun at Sanji at the alter, Luffy will spring into action, but I'm sure he will screw up.  When the assassination works, the three sides will make their escape through the Mirror World and end their alliance. 

With two and a half hours left, everyone wakes up for the wedding while Big Mom mourns the loss of her faux-Brook.  Elsewhere, we see Pudding in her wedding dress ready for her big day.  She then talks about how she has to use her DF powers to erase the wedding crowd's memories in order to be a "good child" again much to her annoyance which could mean anything. 

Long story short, I really like the idea of something similar to Dorian Gray (a 19th century story about a man who sells his soul to become immortal while his portrait ages for him).  So, what could the picture of Mother Caramel do to Big Mom if it's completely destroyed? 

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