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A good chapter that ties some knots before the prevention of another knot being tied.

We start off with a brand new color cover page in which Oda shows his love for American Football (handegg for you Commies).

We're introduced to the head chef of WCI who oversees the completion of the wedding cake.

Meanwhile, Pekoms is doing fine as he's recovering with Praline and Aladdin, but wants to make his move.

Cut to Luffy and Sanji who arrive at Bege's HQ and get themselves cleaned. We're treated to some Nami and Carrot fan service while Chiffon talks about the feud between Big Mom and the Giants Army of Elbaf. Years ago, Lola was supposed to marry the Giant Prince, Loki, but the arrangement fell through, both sides started hating each other, and Chiffon was abused by her mother because she was Lola's twin sister.

It's time to say good bye to Luffy's missing tooth as he and Brook heal themselves up.

With 3 and 1/2 hours before the start of the wedding, the Straw Hats, Firetank Pirates, and Jinbe discuss their plan. Luffy is asked by Bege to become allies, but knowing Luffy, he refuses and wants to avenge Pekoms. Suddenly, we see that Caesar has been recruited by Bege and took a new name. Luffy vs. Bege vs. Caesar was about to happen, but Jinbe interrupts them and states that all the present parties are allies because they hate Big Mom. What plan will the Pirate-Fishmen-Mafia-Mink-Scientist-Whatever Alliance come up with?

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