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Another good chapter involving Sanji's relationship and loyalty to Luffy.

We begin with the Straw Hats in Mirror World lookimg for Luffy and Sanji with no success. Nami suggests that they go to the battlefield where Luffy and Sanji fought which makes Chopper cry. We're given a big reveal that Pekoms is still alive and was possibly saved by Jinbe, so there's a theory that many fans may have gotten right.

Elsewhere, Bobbin continues to disappoint as an unknown assailant (possibly Bege) shoots Bobbin in the back and leaves him for dead. If Capone Bege is the one who shot Bobbin, then we're about to see Bege's plans to betray Big Mom go into action.

We also see the Vinsmokes party like idiots and to much of my disappointment, they're immune to alcohol poisoning. Judge thinks that the Vinsmokes will gain more power in the North Blue with the connection with Big Mom, but as we know, Big Mom has other plans.

Finally, Luffy is fed the Bento Box and expresses the delight of how delicious the food is just like how Sanji's mom did the same thing. Sanji then tells Luffy he can't return to the Straw Hats for 3 reasons: 1. He attacked the captain of his crew, 2. He wants to save Zeff and his crew at the Baratie Restaurant, and 3. He wants to save the Vinsmokes even though he hates his family.

Luffy punches some sense into Sanji and calls him a liar. Sanji reveals that he wants to return to the Straw Hats. Luffy appreciates his honesty and tells Sanji that the Straw Hats will ruin the wedding.

A great emotional chapter that shares some themes from the Enies Lobby Arc. Sucks that there's a break next week.

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