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We're all sleepy right now aren't we?

The chapter begins with Bobbin recovering and dedicating his mission to finding and defeating Sanji. Apparently, Bobbin only has a 105.5 million Berry bounty and a devil fruit which allows him to put people to sleep.

Elsewhere, Team Bropper have entered Big Mom's bedroom where the Yonko is sleeping while Brook ended up being Big Mom's personal teddy bear. After avoiding the attacks of BM and her 3 main Homies, the Straw Hats replace Brook with a decoy. Brook reveals that he copied the Poneglyphs and hid them in his skull - smart thinking!

Finally, Sanji has returned to the promised area after fighting some stray dogs and sees Luffy all shriveled up.

Not much is going on besides Brook finishing his mission. I expect Sanji or Luffy versus Bobbin next week or two.

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