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Looks like we have a new trend of chapters coming out in the midnight hours, so yay I guess?

Anyways, we start off with Nami and Jinbe fighting more guards when all of a sudden the Bropper Gang intervene and save Nami and Jinbe although Nami accidentally hit Chopper with her Thunder Tempo attack.  In the Mirror World, Brulee is surprised to see Jinbe is still alive and it's revealed that Jinbe chickened out on the wheel.  Apparently, anyone who plays Big Mom's Wheel of Misfortune will die no matter where the wheel lands on even though Pedro survived. 

Back to Big Mom and Pudding.  Brook may have lost and become Big Mom's play thing, but give him props for injuring Promethius during the fight.  Pudding reveals that she was testing her new pistol on Reiju to see if it would damage the ectoskeleton of the Vinsmokes.  Big Mom tells Pudding that during the ceremony, when Sanji is about to kiss Pudding, he'll see Pudding's 3rd eye, be stunned by it, and get shot by Pudding when Sanji is phased by the 3rd eye.  Sounds like an interesting plan, but knowing Sanji, I doubt he would feel anything by Pudding's 3rd eye as he probably see Pudding's true face already. 

Elsewhere, we're introduce to a bunch of new freaks with no names.  Could one of them be Katakuri?  I doubt it.  However, we finally get a good glimpse of Tamago's final form as it seems that Tamago survived the explosion.  The Charlotte children and Enraged Army are making sure that all 6 intruders have been captured, but do not know that everyone except for Luffy and Sanji are in the Mirror World.  Opera is in deep shit as he has to lie about Luffy and Nami being caught because if he tells them that the duo escaped with Jinbe, then Opera will have his life force removed just like Moscatto. 

The Chess Guards are also fooled when they think that one of their security henchmen is actually Sanji sleeping in bed.  Sleep tight soldier!  Finally, we see the Bento Box of Destiny as Sanji is still holding it, but Bobbin makes the foolish choice of not minding his own business.  Bobbin, a character we all had high hopes for, is immediately one shotted by Sanji just because he was hungry.  Sanji is now on the run and is going to give Luffy the Bento Box back at the Hunger Strike location. 

A decent chapter that shows how evil the Charlotte Family is.  Sucks to see Bobbin get defeated so soon. 

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