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Believe it or not, the chapter actually got posted during the midnight hours, but hopefully we have gone back to our normal weekly chapter schedule.

We begin with Big Mom emerging victorious over Brook as she plays with Brook's naked corpse.  Big Mom talks about how she couldn't let Brook take a copy of the Road Poneglyph due to the fact that Roger broke into her castle and stole a copy many years ago meaning that Big Mom had been in charge during Roger's time as a pirate. 

Pudding then comes in and as expected, we're officially introduced to the Three-Eyed race even though Pudding is a half-blood.  Big Mom reveals that members of the Three-Eyed race have a special hidden ability with their 3rd eye, but Pudding claims she doesn't have that power due to her being a mix.  The scene ends with Pudding asking her mother to join her in a private conversation. 

Elsewhere, we find out that Tamago is not defeated as cutting him in half only causes him to evolve thanks to his devil fruit powers which didn't go into detail.  When the egg was cut in half, the yolk turned into a chick, and when Pedro cut the chick in half, the chick would turn into a fully grown chicken zoan being.  Pedro throws a stick of dynamite at the Big Mom henchmen and is able to escape into the Mirror World with Chopper and Carrot.  Carrot seems to be an alright artist even though she made everyone a bit pretty. 

Finally, Luffy is still on the run until he is pulled in by Reiju.  Reiju tells Luffy that he just missed Sanji and talk about Sanji's worries and how Pudding is evil.  Luffy still believes that Sanji is still loyal to him and proceeds to go outside and return to his protest spot in order to continue his hunger strike.

An interesting chapter indeed which acts as a catalyst for future events. 

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