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Well, the blog hasn't been posted yet, so I volunteer as tribute. 

We start off with Luffy's protest that he will starve by refusing to eat food that is not made by Sanji and will wait at the same spot until he returned.  Unfortunately, the news of Cracker's defeat has already reached Big Mom as evidenced by the arrival and power up of Zeus and Promethius.  To make things worse, an army which includes the return of Bobbin (remember that guy) is heading their way to fight Luffy and Nami.  As expected, Luffy on an empty stomach will fight the army. 

Meanwhile, we get more creepy things from Big Mom's House as we're introduced to some little girl (possibly the youngest of Big Mom's kids) who wants some knives to torture some toys.  Also, it seems Big Mom loves to eat food and drink things that can talk - I would have to pass up on that. 

However, the main meat of the chapter is Sanji x Pudding.  Sanji shows Pudding his damaged face and tells her about his 13-year hell with the Vinsmokes during his childhood.  Pudding feels bad for Sanji and wants to help Sanji escape, but they need to find a way to unlock Sanji's wrist cuffs.  Sanji tells Pudding that she is her salvation and that his adventure with the Straw Hats may come to an end as the couple decides to get married on the next day. 

Well, as expected, this chapter would be more about Sanji than Luffy and Nami.  I'm glad we saw a character like Bobbin return since he was absent since Big Mom's 1st appearance.  Right now Luffy is fighting 100+ soldiers and I doubt he'll beat half of them considering the possibility that Katakuri and/or Smoothie are there amongst the army.  We enter the break as the fates of Brook, Pedro, Chopper, Carrot, Pekoms, and most importantly Jinbe are left in the air. 

Thoughts on the chapter?

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