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Punk hazard= Toy story?!

What the hell i think? I'm just saying this both things are similar.

For the beginning: at the "biscuit room" Franky and the kids attitudes remind me the scenes in toy story 3 with Buzz and the kids.

The change of corpses also remind me Toy story: like when Buzz is reboot with the Spanish language and, more strangely:

Law as Sid and, with his power; he creates the centaurs, the satyrs and all the stranges features like sid with his toys. Caesar wants to burn Franky like when the TS3's villain wants to burn Buzz and his friends

And finally the slime: Like when Buzz fight a slime in the game in Ps2 :laugh:

Very fucking theory, but i think that's a funny comparison :) Enjoy my first posts! KISHISHISHI!

Ps: Luffy is Woody xDDDDD

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