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(DPN) Law is "idiot" (or normal...) + Strip n*681

GekkoMoria September 13, 2012 User blog:GekkoMoria



Yeah: you already knew it: but he can have MANY devil fruts! I'll explain that foolish theory with an ugly picture:

You can see Logias are useless with this technic (Waoow... I have an arm of fire...Yahoo...) and Zoans are "meh". he must has (LOLOLOL) a stock of arms on his ship xDDD (WTF???!).

  • joke joke* By the way, maybe a giant eagle eats the yuki yuki no mi and Law stuck the wings and legs to Monet... :mad: *joke joke*

So thank you for read this Shit! Kishishishi!

Pt2: This isn't the end!

i have decided to make a little "comics" for all the new chapter (so one Strip by week) with a Moria's reaction about it :D enjoy ;)

=> Strip n°1 (ch681):

Ps: DPN means "DancePowderer's Nightmare" Kishishi!".

Ps2: Yeah! awesome a ps2! *badum tshh* hum...hum...maybe my next blog will be a sort of "gallery" of drawing with Enel 2YA, Moria 2YA... So this is useless but that'll be...funny?

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