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  • GekkoMoria

    Hell-How Everyone!

    Long time no see mes fidèles amis !

    So, Here are my predictions about Vergo's Df and, strangely, Doflamingo's df (yeah, i don't think it's a "string" df)

    Let's go, Kishishishi!


    Like i said on an OLLLD blog: Vergo's name; means in latin "stick" : because of his weapon, a bamboo stick. So you know; he has a "sticky" memory; and foods/items stuck on his cheek: this is a pun Stick/stick.

    So, now: see his skills: He can uses the Vulcanization a capacity of the rubber: like Luffy ! And he resists the Law's thunderbolts ! (Ch683) So Is rubber? No, too much Kishimoto for Oda...

    So: IMO, he has the paramecia of glue: you know, Stick pun, items can stuck on him and he has some rubber capacities: and a lot of glues are made, in part, of rubb…

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  • GekkoMoria

    Hell-How !!!

    I'm here to post some of my drawings :) (as i've sid it on the chat yesterday).

    Gekko Moria 2YA:

    Hogback 2YA:

    Crocodile 2YA:

    Enel 2YA:

    And in Bonus:

    Punk hazard characters as children, And Some of the brokers of the Shinokuni: You can see them on my little DA page :)

    You can check it: ! (y)

    Thank you all :)

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  • GekkoMoria



    Yeah: you already knew it: but he can have MANY devil fruts! I'll explain that foolish theory with an ugly picture:

    You can see Logias are useless with this technic (Waoow... I have an arm of fire...Yahoo...) and Zoans are "meh". he must has (LOLOLOL) a stock of arms on his ship xDDD (WTF???!).

    • joke joke* By the way, maybe a giant eagle eats the yuki yuki no mi and Law stuck the wings and legs to Monet... :mad: *joke joke*

    So thank you for read this Shit! Kishishishi!

    Pt2: This isn't the end!

    i have decided to make a little "comics" for all the new chapter (so one Strip by week) with a Moria's reaction about it :D enjoy ;)

    => Strip n°1 (ch6…

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  • GekkoMoria

    Theory about the S.A.D.

    September 12, 2012 by GekkoMoria


    I'm here to talk about the "S.A.D"!

    I have a theory about what is the S.A.D.: Let's go !!!

    - You know, when we saw Vergo for the first time, he says he comes to PH with a S.A.D tanker, and he was on an island/place named "DressRosa".

    So maybe this "SAD tanker" is a conveyance. but if it's a conveyance: this is a really swift one!

    -So with this chapter, the 681, we learn Law become a Shichibukai to go to this room. And he wants to makes the confusion in the New World with the "SAD".

    -Another thing to say: You know a lot of peoples (the brokers) wants the power of the Shinokuni: but with which thing CC'll trasport the Gas/ the Axolotl slime ?!

    So: IMO, The S.A.D is a Teleportation machine creates by Vegapunk: he creates it to transport the giants chil…

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  • GekkoMoria

    Hell-how everyone!

    Today is the Birthday of Gekko Moria, the Shichibukai. For this event, i have drawn a little shit in paint:

    I use this "false" birthday to thank you, everyone of you, for your awesomeness and for your kindness!

    This Wikia is like a second familly to me! You are all perfect! Thank you !!!

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