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Hoi, guys, first time starting up a blog on this sight. These are just a few predictions I have about the Yonko, Kaido, and the rest of the Pirate Alliance Saga. I'm not exactly sure if people've had these thoughts, but I wanted to get 'em out anyway...

For one thing, as for his base, I believe Kaido's homebase is stationed in Wano Country. My evidence is, Kin'emon and Momonosuke are basically Straw Hat passengers for the time being, maybe until they get to Wano, just like with Vivi in Alabasta. In fact, I also believed that Wano Country is located on Zo, which was why Kin'emon and them were trying to get there, and it's also why the Heart Pirates were waiting there, too. I mean, the kingdom doesn't always share the same name as its island, right? I'm not really sure if Kin'emon knows about Kaido, but maybe after we meet Kanjuro, he's going to reveal that he's learned this, and that'll ultimately lead to the Straw Hats going there (actually, the Sunny Team is already there by now).

And as for Kaido's power, I feel like he's eaten a Dragon-Dragon Fruit, similar to Momonosuke's, and the reason Momo's fruit was said to be a "failure" was because something like his fruit already existed, and two Devil Fruits of the same power can't exist. For that reason, the Donquixote Pirates are trying to capture (or kill) him based on Kaido's orders, because he was informed of the situation. I'm not exactly sure why, but maybe Kaido's own fruit became disfunctional due to Momo's power, so that's why he wants Momo disposed of, or he's probably trying to capture Momo and absorb the power from him, so Kaido can be strong again.

Sooooo those are my thoughts for future chapters. Whaddyou think?