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Alright. I'm concepting an One Piece game right now (make it in a few years when it's possible) but I just came to the realisation that an MMO would be splendoteous! Lemme just give a brief synopsis on what it would like:

You start off in one of the Blues and your main goal is to get the One Piece. You have to recruit people in your crew, fight off other player Pirates or make alliances and stuff. You can be peaceful or be hostile against the people (so like villagers and stuff) and pillage them, stop by and befriend them (like the SH), capture them and do whatever Arlong did or do like Whitebeard and protect them from other stuff. You can build up your crew to either be like say the SH and have a couple UBER STRONK members (like ten of them) or create a fleet of them like Whitebeard. Maybe there can be CPU pirate crews that you have either beat and loot them or make them your subordinates.

Another thing is the actual canon won't apply so there's no Luffy and Shanks and stuff. So that means there's tons of your fave Devil Fruits out there that you can collect and eat for powers, you can become of the Yonko and Shichibukai and stuff.  (sadly only one but maybe if you make like a crewmate eat a Devil Fruit and they get killed that Fruit will out for the picking) and stuff. Also the Marines can collect Devil Fruits and kill people and stuff.

Got any wishes you would want for an One Pice MMO?