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    Alright. I'm concepting an One Piece game right now (make it in a few years when it's possible) but I just came to the realisation that an MMO would be splendoteous! Lemme just give a brief synopsis on what it would like:

    You start off in one of the Blues and your main goal is to get the One Piece. You have to recruit people in your crew, fight off other player Pirates or make alliances and stuff. You can be peaceful or be hostile against the people (so like villagers and stuff) and pillage them, stop by and befriend them (like the SH), capture them and do whatever Arlong did or do like Whitebeard and protect them from other stuff. You can build up your crew to either be like say the SH and have a couple UBER STRONK members (like ten of the…

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  • Gametroller Prime

    Okay, so my main thing is the Straw Hats going through the Grand Line and eventually find the One Piece. But I have a couple other ideas for the game like playing as other characters. There's free-play but since I have RPG elements included, I prefer to keep it like the story. Maybe I could have these be secondary stories included in the disc but this as DLC sounds smart 

    1. Play as Gol D. Roger and his crew to conquer the Grand Line. Whole new list of Enemies and friendlies, Whitebeard fights and other things.

    2.Play as Shanks and his crew.

    3. Play as a Marine (future or past) and rank up to Fleet Admiral.

    4.Play as the Dragon and beat the World Government with the help of your Revolutionnary Army

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  • Gametroller Prime

    Okay, so. Gonna be a bit complaex but hope you find this interesting. (note that this is real time 3D combat, not turn based or anything like that, think of Destiny, Minecraft or Witcher when reading this)

    So the game has multiple things in combat (to make it easier I'll use character example) [DUR=Durability, HP=health, WP=Will Power, ATT=attack damage]:

    Before you upgrade Luffy, these are his stats:

    HP: 3000                                                                                                                                                           STA: 150%                                                                                                                                                         WP: 10 000            …

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    One Piece: Grand Line Conquest

    Bartholemew Kuma:

    Powers: Bartholemew Kuma is the original Pacisfista and a member of the Shichibukai during the entire story. Being a Pacifista, he is mostly robotic, thus he's made of steel which makes almost impervious to basic attacks or sometimes even strong attacks, more so than basic Pacifista. Also, he is able of shooting beams out of his mouth for a large attack which is strong enough to easily damage strong enemies. Another one of his Pacifista abilities is his capabilty of sensing things easily thus being able to dodge them, similar to Kenbunshoku Haki  He's also really strong in terms of power and his punches are powerful enough to destroy buildings. The thing that seperates from other Pacifista is …

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  • Gametroller Prime
    One Piece: Grand Line Conquest

    Short gameplay dets before the attack list.

    At the beginning of the game, Luffy, Nami, Zoro, Usopp and Sanji are available to play as and you sail with the Going Merry. 

    While sailing, you can do many things:

    -You can go around the deck of the ship (only as Luffy though), talk to the other crew members to do things.

    -Talk to Usopp to repair the ship and upgrade your stats and abilities. (but the shipwright position will be filled in once you recruit Franky).

    -Talk to Nami to find the closest island and percentage of the Grand Line you've explored as well the ship's log.

    -Zoro serves as the lookout, alarming you of an island or ship.

    -Talk to Sanji to give you food and technically the doctor.

    -You can also talk to the …

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