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    Given the different classes of zoan type devil fruits more possibilities exist. This is about the Mythical class we already know 2 exist. The Human-Human Fruit Model: Great Buddha for Sengoku, and Marco's devil fruit (Presumed name not confirmed) Bird-Bird Fruit Model: Phoenix. What other mythical devil fruits are out there what do you think the devil fruits could be?

    • Human-Human Fruit Model: Zeus
    • Human-Human Fruit Model: Artemis
    • Human-Human Fruit Model: Odin
    • Chimera-Chimera Fruit
    • Cat-Cat Fruit Model: Sphinx
    • Cat-Cat Fruit Model: Neameon Lion
    • Dog-Dog Fruit Model: Cerberus
    • Snake-Snake Fruit Model: Gorgon
    • Snake-Snake Fruit Model: Jörmungandr
    • Dragon-Dragon Fruit Model: Learnean Hydra
    • Dragon-Dragon Fruit Model: Leviathan
    • Ghost-Ghost Fruit Model: Banshee
    • Gho…

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