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Paula as Miss Doublefinger.

Offcially labeling myself as the biggest Paula fan and after updating the article a bunch of times, I'd honestly like to bring up certain idea to everyone; a comeback for her. Why? Here are my arguments (please note that many other possibilities could be applied as well, this is just my personal view).

Devil Fruit with potential

As most of us already know, Paula is the user of the Parmecia-type Toge Toge no Mi Devil Fruit, which grants its user to sprout or deform any part of their body into devastating spikes. Remaining underrated due to Paula's limited screen time, I think one of the reasons she'd need a come back is the great versatility this fruit has:

  • Grants great physical attack - As we were able to see, the spikes Paula sprouts are quite hard, to the point that they are able to pierce or even destroy a stone-made building with ease.
    • Notable is that this fruit does not limit its user to only deform its body into spike-like mechanisms, it also grants the ability to alter it into weapon-like formations; example of this are the clubs formed when performing the Stinger Flail
  • Grants great physical defense - especially on close range - As struggling against the spikes will usually result in severe, piercing injuries.
  • Enhances speed - via Sewing Stinger - Which aside granting her notable velocity, shred anything in her path while performing this technique.
  • Movement expansion - By sprouting spikes on the undersorface of its feet and stepping into the surface, the user can walk on walls and ceilings, gaining hold that way
  • Boost its user's melee attributes - via Toge Toge Doping - Which causes her muscle mass to drastically increase, granting this way a notable boost in areas like a physical attack or defense.

With this said, I'd dare to say that with appropriate development, the Toge Toge no Mi could actually evolve into something quite interesting; main reason why I'm suggesting this comeback.


Busoshoku Haki would be a definitely interesting ability for Paula to master, since combining it with the Toge Toge no Mi abilities she already possesses, could actually grant her massive melee power; possibly something she could use against an upcoming threat?

Possible storyline developed in Alabasta

As some might know, after the events that took place in Alabasta, Paula remained on the Spiders Cafe along with some of her former companions, reforming the former Cactus Saloon for the purpose.

And here's where my idea is introduced; some kind of ominous event could be introduced in the storyline, which could even actually bring Vivi back, too. And maybe force both bluenettes to cooperate in some way.

  • This would be also a great way to bring Vivi, back; a character that most of us liked and remained pretty much forgotten after the Alabasta Arc.


Would you like a comeback for Paula?

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