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  • FutureCyborg18

    Hey! Officially publushing a my second blog (once more about Paula), I'd like to bring up certain point that, in my opinion, should be added to the official page after certain observation; the Toge Toge no Mi's power can be extended to inert objects the user has direct contact with, in similar fashion to Busoshoku Haki.

    In addition to the common prowesses granted by the Toge Toge no Mi Devil Fruit, Paula is also shown being able to transmit her power to any non-living material she has direct contact with. This is verified when performing the Stinger Hedgehog technique; posterior to its usage, Paula is seen holding her pipe, intact. It is concluded that through the performance such a devastating movement, this pipe would have been crushed, u…

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  • FutureCyborg18

    Offcially labeling myself as the biggest Paula fan and after updating the article a bunch of times, I'd honestly like to bring up certain idea to everyone; a comeback for her. Why? Here are my arguments (please note that many other possibilities could be applied as well, this is just my personal view).

    As most of us already know, Paula is the user of the Parmecia-type Toge Toge no Mi Devil Fruit, which grants its user to sprout or deform any part of their body into devastating spikes. Remaining underrated due to Paula's limited screen time, I think one of the reasons she'd need a come back is the great versatility this fruit has:

    • Grants great physical attack - As we were able to see, the spikes Paula sprouts are quite hard, to the point that…

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