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  • Fusionater

    Howdy One Piece Community, and am here at the behest of our mighty leader Kaido King of the Beasts, who demands that there be more blogs in this little section of the community, in response to that, they really need to make this blog section more visible, like maybe putting it in the top bar, I didn't know this section existed for the longest time, and I'm one of those hardcore fans who takes whatever he gets interested in WAAAAAY to seriously. ;) 

    It's not like there's a shortage of One Piece fans to write blogs, we just need to point them here.

    Onto the meat of this thing, I have chosen the topic of top 10 arcs for 2 simple reasons,

    1. I write blogs very infrequently, so keeping things simple is the easiest way to write someothing that will…

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