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Heeyy! so this'll be my very first blog in this wiki so I hope I do alright. Anyways, as the title suggests, I want to know whether or not you guys think Aokiji will be appearing in this current arc. As all of you know, the last time we saw him was that epic! (albeit very short) showdown with Doffy in punk hazard where we got a good glimpse of his post time-skip attire as well as his drowzy penguin. Moreover, after he saved Smo-san, they were able to catch up on some stories and long story short, since smoker knows that law is planning to go to greenbit, I think there's a huge chance Aokiji will drop by there. And since FUJI-freakin'-TORA is planning to go to greenbit as well, it would be EPIC if the Ex-Admiral and the New-Admiral bump into each other. (hell we might even be treated to a little stroll down memory lane about Issho's past as they catch up or even. . . dan dan dan dan. CLASH!) So I guess I ranted a little but I really have this feeling that he'll be showing up soon, and it'll be unconscionable! haha what do you guys think? (Sorry I couldn't create a poll as I do not know how T_T . . .yet)