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Man! The latest chapter was great, although nothing major happened, the rules as well as the prey for Doflamingo's sick game has been revealed, not to mention the really LOL troll moment that occured. So, without further a do, here are my thoughts:

First off, there was no surprise characters on Doffy's which consists mainly of the SHs, the Riku's, Kin, Law and Sabo, however seeing as Doffy's crew is was well informed of everything that's happening, I thought Bartolomeo and Issho would be included in the list. Barto because he's obviously allied with the SH and Issho because he made know to doffy his plans for the sichibukai.

Second, Ussop's bounty was funny as hell, not to mention the look of horror on his face when he saw it! There seems to be no breaks for our long nose friend. But come to think of it, it actually made sense because all of the chaos can be attributed to the fact that he was the one responsible for Sugar getting KTFO. He started the chaos when the toys returned to their human forms.

Third, I felt a little bit confused as to why Issho would still not engage Doffy and/his minions. He said that the marines' target is still Law and the SH which doesn't really help the situation at all given his stand to protect the citizens. On another note, I think it's all but confirmed that Issho's power involves the control of gravity although what he did with the puppet marines looked more like Barto's bari-bari fruit.

Fourth, after seeing his face all beat up to a pulpy mess, it seems franky has escaped and gone somewhere to wreak more havoc on doffy's side. I think he'll finish his mission of destroying the factory though.

Fifth, we're very close to seeing Kanjurou. I think Kin went down to the scrap yard/heap where all the colloseum fighters were before they were turned into toys.

Lastly, we got an epic battle coming up, Luffy, Law, and Zorro's comin' to kick some ass! Zorro's face while he was held by luffy was another LOL moment! Although I was wondering why they were headed down when the palace was raised on higher ground, I mean luffy could have used his gomu-gomu no rocket right? Plus, I think we'll see more of Barto and Sabo in action, I'm thinking they'll go for the factory agaisnt Diamante and Trebol while the trio go agaisnt doffy and pica.

Anyways, the beginning of the end of this arc is upon us, and we still haven't seen the Curlyhat pirates agaisnt bigmam so here's to hopin less to zero breaks, just keep em chapters comin! :)