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Holy bleeep! Chapter 711 just gave me a heart attack!

Holy @#$%! I mean it! Chapter 711 just gave us an epic prelude of the things that'll be going DOWN next chapter but damn it was still an awesome chapter in itself. So here's what we've learned so far in:

1) They weren't fairies, nor dwarves, or toys they were in fact GNOMES! who would've guessed right? anyway, they seem to be very fast and strong, so my guess is that they'll be very important in the next succeding chapters as allies  to the strawhat-law alliance against, wait for it.

2) Zorro's on his way to save the day. The crew left in the sunny is, alledgedly!, in grave danger! we'll elaborate on that a little later.

3) So Rebecca and the thunderous wrath soldier know each other, and by that I mean they really, maybe even intimately, know each other, he he he he >;}}, and there's a solid reason why they hate doffy (I hope the TWS will divulge the history of dressrossa as well as thier (him on rebecca's) soon, I'm just too excited for it.

4) Block effin' C is about to start need I say more?

5) whooo! So many revelations, and on top of that, the thing that got me most pumped up, everything, and I mean everything, is all a RUSE, doffy really is a badass, because it turns out he planned everything, he didn't really quit the sichibukai! it was all his plan after all, to make the marines and the doflamingo family go against law and the strawhats, man, that's why the people of dressrossa were all chill and shit, their king hasn't step down. oh and they were actually on to the strawhats this whole time, so the voice they heard in the sunny must be an ally of doffy.

Anyways If I left out any minute details please, I urge you to begin reading the chapter, it's just awesome, at least for me it is, Aaand I want to make my first poll for this blog soo please vote up thanks

How do you find this chapter?

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thanks for reading guys, by the way I give this chapter 10 because of the chills it gave me.

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