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OOooookk! so I just read 709 on mangareader and I'm still waiting for the mangastream version (I likw their translation better) but what the heck nobody's posted about the chapter anywayyyss so, about the PUNCH! It was actually stronger than what everybody expected (I think some thought it would be a fluke) since it knocked what I think are the best of all of Block B. And as expected, Bartolomeo won with his BARI-BARI fruit. I guess you could say the forcefield theory by Fintin was right, in a way, well a forcefield is kinda like a barrier right?? anywhoo, I like this chapter cause it signaled the end of Block B which means that we're about to witness some LUFFY ACTION! Can't wait for the next chapter, I think It'll be about the other strawhats, so what do you guys think about this chapter? I give it a 9/10 just because bellamy didn't put much of a fight, and that sucks xD