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Awakened Zoan Origin Theory

Awakened Zoan Devil Users....

More strength, speed, and endurance than normal Zoan Devil Fruit give to their users.

On top of that, Faster Recovery time.

Here's what I think happened..Not sure anyone have said this before.

All of the 4 demon guards have mino in their names right? So they must have been minotaurs (Probably with comical facial expressions before) before eating a Zoan Devil Fruits of the Cow, Rhino, Koala, and Zebra)

That means of all of the Zoan Devil Fruit Users that we have so far (except the 4 demons guards and Funkfreed) have the species of Human in their 3 forms, this is probably the 1st time we seen animals that ate Zoan Devil Fruits that did not have Human species.

In other words, What if to become an Awakened Zoan Devil Users, an animal must consumed a Zoan Devil Fruit (except for Human)?

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